• Initial Consultation and styling advice in person or over Skype.
  • Style board put together colour and style and cut suggestions as well as essential groom accessories.
  • Up to 5 hours shopping, can be split across 1 or 2 days if required to purchase the entire outfit if off the peg.
  • Made to measure of bespoke suits will require a visit to the tailor. Following our consultation, I will arrange this as well as a pre-selected amount of fabrics before you arrive.

Groom Styling

Take your opportunity to shine and truly compliment your wife-to-be on your wedding day with a groom styling package.

From helping you buy off the peg to made to measure and bespoke, or even something even a little less formal, I can help you find your ultimate outfit, one that you will be proud to look at in years to come and your wife will be ecstatic with.

True 5-star service. Nick was very professional and the whole process from consultation, wardrobe edit to personal shopping experience was a real joy. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone who is seeking an image update, personal presentation review or help with matching style with career.

I work with you, your wedding coordinator or the venue to ensure that we keep to the theme of the day and incorporate the right colours, materials or styling. Ultimately though you’ll work with me because you want to know you are going to feel amazing on the day and comfortable throughout.

From the moment you put on your pants in the morning, to the moment you take them off at night, nudge nudge (or until the point you last remember for some) you will look good and feel great.

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