• Online video consultation prior to meeting
  • Up to 3-hour wardrobe edit
  • Physique analysis to define styling of clothes that most suit you
  • Colour analysis to identify which colours best suit your skin tone (this helps massively with the impact of jackets, shirts and ties)
  • An optional colour fan for you to keep of your seasonal colours
  • Advice on Fit and Accessories
  • Everyday grooming advice
  • Personal shopping trip (up to 3 hours)
  • Light refreshment included
  • Style board sent to you for future use (I also keep for future follow up reference)
  • Links to further clothes for future online shop.
  • 30 minute follow up video consultation if required.

The Rebrand

Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping, Colour Analysis (you might not think it now, but you will love this) and so much more in one session with a follow up included. This is my ultimate offering.

This package delivers the best value for money and you will benefit from it long beyond our initial day together as a direct result of what we go through together.

If you are long overdue an overhaul of your wardrobe and want a big change to the way you appear clothing wise, then this is the right choice for you.


True 5-star service. Nick was very professional and the whole process from consultation, wardrobe edit to personal shopping experience was a real joy. I would certainly recommend this service to anyone who is seeking an image update, personal presentation review or help with matching style with career.

This experience is very bespoke to your needs and we can tackle anything from, what clothes suit your physique best to the best places to shop in the UK for specific items.

Prices start at: £750

This is essentially all my experience and expertise complete in one package.

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